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13 Irons in the Fire Editing

for Actors

As actors, we all know how important good marketing materials are. Your materials represent you to casting directors and agents and help you "sell" YOU in the best way possible.


As the CEO/CFO of the business of YOU, you should think of your reel and clips as a living, breathing headshot. Clips and reels give casting an immediate idea of how you move, speak, and what you have to offer.


Some industry professionals prefer clips for specificity and speed, while others prefer a standard, well edited reel.

13 Irons in the Fire Editing offers both.

Why hire a professional editor? You wouldn't use a cell phone photo for your headshot, and the same should apply to your "living" headshot.


When opening her business, Emily, a 13 year NYC veteran of the acting scene, a seasoned and award winning filmmaker and screen writer, sourced many of her  own connections in the industry to figure out what makes a "good reel" or "good clips" so she can pass that information on to her clients

Clients have appeared on both primetime network and cable television, and in independent film.



(includes initial consultation, up to a two minute and 15 second reel, two rounds of modifications, and a final file delivery via DropBox)

Every additional 15 seconds: $30

Reel Updates: $35/clip

(available only to reels originally edited by Emily)



(Includes separation of clip from surrounding materials, editing, final file delivery via DropBox)

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